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Our expert staff is committed to providing you with competent, compassionate and reliable service.

Susan Christophel

Executive Director 

 Susan posesses the knowledge and skills that makes her vital component of our operation. She holds many responsibilities that are key to the success of our agency. Her guidence and knowledge plays a pivital role throughout our development. As Executive Director, her skills and knowledge has proven effective and efficient for many years.  Her abilities play a vital role to the success of our agency.



Amanda G. Fort

Public Housing Manager / Administrative Assistant

Amanda has been our Housing Manager and Administrative Assistant for several years.  As an essential part of our staff, Amanda has been quailified in determining the eligibility of applicants and rent calculations, in accordance with HUD regulations and our PHA's policies.  Amanda also plays a valuable part in our day to day operations and to the successful growth of our agency as she serves as the Adminstrative Assistant to our executive director and assists with key componets to making our agency successful.



Rachel Wright


As the newest member of our team Rachel serves as our receptionist and assists our housing manager and executive director in their day to day activities. As a valued employee we are pleased to have her join our team. 




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